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:: - "You Can't Go Home Again" - ::

"It all seems so surreal, to see this place again so soon. The ever present duality is that I look around and nothing has changed. In the Six months its been since I left this place, everything is just how I remember it. At the same time, the feeling I have has changed. I'm reminded of a quote from Thomas Wolfe, in it he references the changes that take place, both outwardly and inside. Leaving the reader with a feeling that though the place they call "Home" might still exist, the magic and warmth that one might have felt in their youth can never be felt again, as we now see the world through a different set of eyes. Having lived life, and changed through the experiences they've had; at least that's how I take it. A Shop, or attraction that might have been so significant in my youth, now seems like just a backdrop amongst the many things I now know to be true, and seems so insignificant against the grand story being played out against my will. The lights of the city still glow deep into the clouds overhead, but the feeling those lights gave me are long since gone. This place used to mean promise, and opportunity, but as the colors dimmed, so too did the promise they used to represent. If it had been up to me, I wouldn't be here at all. I would have told Charlie to do his best without me, but it seems like fate itself wants to draw me back here. Maybe I was too hasty, too quick to react to the situation, it doesn't matter now, what's done is done, and as much as I would like to rewind the hands of time I know that I never will. And what awaits me behind the haze of uncertainty, there's no way to know. But I'll face it all the same, I know now that no matter how far I might run, I can never escape the things that happened here. So maybe this is just where I need to be, maybe I can end it here. Maybe."

The lights of Tokyo stretch upwards into the night sky, the haze of the city casts a ghostly bloom across the glimmering billboards and advertisements that dance across the buildings. Jessica's head rests against the window of the rental car. It had been a long flight, and an even longer couple of days. The events still prominent in her mind, she had been put out as bait by the Family, to draw out the assassins that had pursued her around the world. They had derailed a train, with the use of somewhat unorthodox tactics. She remembered the stories they'd heard as children, stories of undead warriors from the time of the Samurai, The Yontoryu. As much as she would have liked to convince herself that it was all just make-believe, she had come face to face with a member of their order that day, on that train. She had tried to make sense of it, tried to convince herself of some sort of logical explanation. But the facts were simple, they were real, and they were coming for her. Hannah had made a deal, without which, Jessica would have never found herself rolling silently through these streets again. And as the lights and sounds of home rolled by through the tinted glass, she couldn't help but feel like she no longer belonged here, like a stranger in her own home.

Hannah had many connections the world over, from the streets of Tokyo, through to the United States. If there was something she needed, she knew exactly where she needed to be to get it. For the longest time Jessica had looked down upon the Nomads, Nomads being the members of her Organization that worked outside of the Funded Family circle. They trafficked in upgrades unsanctioned by the community, some of which had been less than successful in the future. They'd all read the articles, mad scientists and rogue mechanics augmenting humans with "Enhanced" abilities. Strength, Speed, Longer Life Cycles, enhanced Vision or Reflexes. Pushing the limits of what the Organization considered "acceptable". But even after all of that, all those years spent under the assumption that these people were breaking some sort of "Code", what was she now? She remembered what it was like being a child, how easy it all seemed, like black and white the world was. But maybe that's the blessing that comes with age, she thought. Maybe as the world turned to that shade of dark gray, so too could We. As the vehicle made its way passed the downtown area, the scene began to grow darker. Rolling through residential streets, the dimming lights passing overhead. She began to feel a growing feeling of Tension, she knew what they were here to do.

Upgrades, Hannah said. There was only one place to go, one person you needed to see. Jakkie-O, she had heard stories about this man her entire life, the Family had spent years driving it into her head that he was some sort of criminal, an outcast amongst their community. And yet here they were all the same, pulling up to a rustic warehouse in the backlot of some Apartment Complex. Jess had always known Hannah had connections, but never-the-less it still came as somewhat of a surprise. The two had known each other for years, but never had it come up before. As the creaking of the brakes brought the vehicle to a halt, the doors began to open. Jessica felt a tinge of uncertainty welling up in her stomach. She was about to cross a line that she had always been told never to cross, a line she had always thought was beneath her. But there was no other choice, her hand had been forced. And as the doors slammed shut behind her, she knew it was too late to turn back now...

The Place seemed empty, that dusty smell that comes from a place long since forgotten. The two stepped from the vehicle and Hannah waved for her to follow. She felt her way along the wall before coming to a stop, her hand running across a small break in the concrete. She moved her fingers in a pattern against the grain of the wall and no sooner did a portion begin to slide upwards, a small keypad with a spherical lens at the top presented itself. She typed in a code that Jessica couldn't catch, as a beam casted itself upon her face, lasers sweeping up and down across Hannah's features. Tracing them, and replicating them just above the sphere. A Female voice then came across.

"Welcome Back Hannah Warr, please state your Member Number."


"It appears you also have an unidentified member of the public at your back. If this is not true, please say so now."


"Mr. Osaka does not approve of Uninvited Company at this time, please secure your business with the Doctor at a later date."

"Cut the shit Max, Jak knows we're coming, how long has it been since he's updated you?"

"Multi-Action Interface Ten is updated to its Newest Software, and is in full working order, I'll thank you to keep your rude comments to yourself."

"And I'll thank you to open the goddamn door."

There are a few moments of silence as the two share a glance, Hannah's arms crossed, her foot tapping impatiently against the floor.

"Doesn't look like its gonna let us in, we could have just got this shit back in the states."

"No we couldn't have, trust me."

The pad springs back to life as the voice returns.

"I've notified Mr. Osaka of your arrival, please enjoy your stay."

"Thank you, Jesus."

The Pad retracts into the wall, the cover slowly closing over it, beside them, a section of the floor began to open, the scraping of the concrete echoing through the empty warehouse. From inside rose a platform, was just big enough for the two of them to stand on. As the two decended into the facility, the door closed above them, and a layer of dust began blowing back across the concrete, once again concealing the cracks in the floor. The shaft continues down 200 Meters, enough to put distance between the bunker, and the outside world. Jak was something of a hermit, and the pandemic seems to have only made it worse. As the two step out off the platform the two were met with a large clean-room. The door made a loud buzzing sound as Hannah stepped to the door, the small screen over the door instructed them to step in one at a time. A bit annoyed, Hannah breathed a sigh before stepping into the room, the floor rotated as a number of sprinklers misted her with a light solution. Jess was next, the solution smelled slightly of vehicle wax, it was somewhat sweet. As she stepped through the door Hannah was already letting a short, medium build man know what she thought of it. The man worked at a bench, putting together a set of small drones, not paying Hannah's outbursts much attention.

"And then you spray us with some crazy smelling hotdog water!? Am I gonna have some sort of rash from this shit??"

"You know you really haven't worked on that attitude at all..."

"You guys seem friendly."

Jak turns from the table as Jess steps over, shaking the residual solution from her hands. She holds her hand out for a greeting. But instead, he picks up a long metal stick from the table, and moves her hand to the side.

"Charmed, I'm sure."

"I Told you he was weird..."

"No, you didn't."

Jak lets out a single loud laugh, that echoes through the bunker.

"Can't be too safe these days, girls. It's great to finally meet you face to face though, somehow I feel like if we'd have been having this meeting a year ago, you might not have wanted to shake my hand anyway."

It was true, Jess had worked alongside some of the assets who had been hunting this man. In the years prior he had been on the forefront of "Alternative Tech". Spoken about with reverence throughout the Nomad clans. She had always known he was dangerous, but maybe she had just been under the thumb of the families influence. He didn't seem like a dangerous man, his short stature, his cautious nature, he was just another guy using what he knew, to get himself through.

"Maybe, it seems that much as changed."

"Not much has, all of us still live under some sort of oppression, be it government, local authorities, or your Oh-So-Influential Organization. Since the beginning of this "Pandemic", they've tried to shut me down, chased me underground. Its made my life... somewhat difficult."

He finished the modifications to the drove, pushed a small button on its side. The drone activates, two green lights shine directly on him, scanning his image for a moment. It rotates back and forth between the two girls, as if acknowledging their presence. It tilts to the side, as if inquisitive. Jak whistles, catching its attention.

"Max, take your brothers, set up the perimeter, the charging station will be ready shortly."

The drone lets out a few jovial beeps, as if responding happily to the command. A number of other small drones appear from a rack behind the workbench, the leading drone turns to them for a moment, rotating between each of them, as if explaining the order. The drones light up, speeding towards the elevator shaft, disappearing up its length. Max begins stepping to the other side of the room, heading towards a large drone station.

"So it looks like you've come a little ways since the last time I was here."

"Such is the curse of technology..."

"For better or worse I guess."

"Right you are, would be better if we could just take it all back to Horse and Buggy, but the Apocalypse is ever persistent."

"Right, the Robot Apocalypse, hang on, let me call Will Smith."

"What's he gonna do?"

"Guys, as much as I would love to sit here and make movie references, we've actually got some business."

"More business than you know, little girl."

Jak primes the machine with a green lever, before slamming a large yellow handle into place. The Machine powers up, a large Wireless-charging dock appears from the top of the contraption, as a large touch-panel screen slides into Jak's midsection. A Drone makes its way over, sitting itself down on top of it, the screen displays the type of drone, the designation, and the percent charged.

"You know you're famous, right?"


"Not just anyone could have gotten away with it, its not everyday that someone murders the heir to one of the greatest fortunes in Tokyo and lives. Much less walks out on Live Television Every Week."

"Its not every week..."

"Ah Yes, but the point still stands. How did you do it?"

Jessica turns away.

"Does it really matter?"

A few moments of silence...

"I suppose not, still, its a different feeling, to know that you're speaking to a dead person."

"Okay! That's Enough, you know why we're here, so lets just get to it."

"Indeed, its just been a while since I've had the opportunity to chew this much scenery. Your friend is very interesting. Is she sure she wants to go down this road? As a member of a Funded Family, its not like her to condescend from on High to mingle with people of our Ilk."

"She's not like that dude, so just chill out. We came to you because we know what you can do, SHE knows what you can do. If you don't want to help us, we can find someone else."

"Hannah, you and I both know that's impossible."

"Pfft... Lets just go, he's obviously not the guy we thought he was."

"Having Doubts? Well step right up!"

He throws himself into a chair, sliding over to a large bank of Panels, a keyboard and mouse slide out from the large structure. With a few keystrokes, another one of the small drones zips over, moving around Jessica, covering her in a flat, green laser pattern. She lifts her hands as the small bot nods, as if thanking her for her time, before zipping away again. Her figure is cast on one of the screens, Jak looks over the read-out. Arm Upgrades, as well as a number of modification to her legs and ankles, MetaBoCore, Oxiblock Age Modifiers and...

Jak's eyes widen, he glances back at her for a moment before catching himself. Hannah quickly steps to the table.

"So What can you do for us?"

Jak stammers, its the first time he has broken from his charismatic, confident demeanor.

"Uhh... Umm... Yeah, what do you need me to do?"

"Well for starters, we're going to need a Metabooster, she already has a entry level upgrade, but I know you have something better. An Eyecrash, and a set of Synthetic Pipes, like the kind you made for me."

Hannah points to her chest, Synthetic Pipes is a reference to a set of Biomechanical lungs, used by members of certain Nomad gangs to work in Heightened Elevations, they can boost the stamina of most subjects, some even allow the user to breath underwater. An Eyecrash is a procedure that requires the Mechanic to install a single Synthetic eyeball, it allows the user to scan subjects, look up public records, as well as any possible health conditions. Different Brands will have differing capabilities, the Family had mainly used them for things such as Hacking Terminals, and searching broad areas for specific targets. Jak had built himself a couple of his own modified versions of both of these upgrades. He nods enthusiastically, quickly moving across the room, sliding a large table from the wall as a large set of lights swung into position overhead. He presented it to Jessica as if she was Royalty, bowing his head as he held his hand out. Jessica looked to Hannah, a bit confused as to just what was going on, the man's energy completely changed.

"What the hell is going on here?"

"He's just being weird, but he's gonna help us, you gotta trust him."

"Please Please, I promise you are in good hands."

Jess takes a moment, looking back and forth between the two of them. She slowly nods her head, she's already come this far. Leaving now would be pointless, might as well.

"Fuck It... Lets Go."

Jessica takes her Jacket off, setting it on the chair beside the table before lying down. Hannah steps to the table, looking down at her as Jak taps a small syringe.

"See Ya in a second."

Hannah's smile was forced. Jessica feels a small prick on her wrist, and in a couple of moments, everything turns to black

"She's Incredible You know..."

"Yeah... I do."

"I never thought in a million years I'd be so lucky."

"Well stop thinking, you can't say a single word about this, to her or anyone else."

"Wait... She Doesn't Know?"

"She Can't, she can't ever know..."

"That's cruel."

"Maybe, but what's done is done, it was my mistake, she can't pay for it."

"You freed her, that's no mistake."

"No... She freed me..."

Jessica's eyes slowly open, coming out of sedation is always rough. The light blinds her initially, she raises her hand to block it, but it jerks upwards at a pace she isn't ready for, almost lifting her body off the table. Jak turns the light off, and the world is dropped into darkness for a moment as her eyes adjust. Adjusting faster as the implants take over. She blinks a couple times, her eyelids feel sticky, as they move across the dry synthetic tissue, with a few passes, they feel normal again. She moves her arms, getting a feel for them, they are faster, stronger, maybe, or is it just the drugs? Hannah steps to the table, looking at the device still clamped to Jess' forearm.

"Feels crazy doesn't it?"

"It's... different."

Jessica takes a breath, deeper than any she had ever taken before. She can feel the implants stretching in her chest, a slight crackling sensation as she breaths outwards.

"Is it supposed to feel like that?"

"For the first couple of weeks it will, but its just the material bonding. It has full functionality as it stands, you'll just have to get used to it."

"You won't have anything to worry about as far as rejection, you're body was more than accommodating."

""Accommodating" Huh?"

"What he means is you are the ideal candidate for this type of thing, the Family's Mechanics must have it easy. Can't say the same for me, I had to work for what I have, therapy, meds, that sort of thing. Your MetaBoost will compensate, just the way MBC would have, but at an accelerated rate. You should be able to sustain more damage after the implant."

"More Damage?"

"Anything other than a Headshot should fall right off you. I ran a level 1 Subdermal Plate Mod, Your should feel a little heavier when you stand up. Other than that, you've got my own variant of a TerraMass Eyecrash."

He claps his hands, and suddenly the area is dropped into absolute darkness. Jessica blinks a few times, her eyes quickly adjusting, within a few moments the outlines of the figures standing at her left and right come back into view. As well as the rest of the room, cast in a slight Blue-Light. Hannah steps to a table on the far side of the room, picking a book off the counter and throwing it towards Jessica's face. She moves, letting it tumble to the ground behind her.

"You should be able to see in low light, as well as blinding light."

"Wait, you both can see me too?"

"Oh you Family Members are so cute, this is standard Tech in our little corner of the world."

"Its standard for High Level Operators as well, if she had stayed with the Tokyo Family, she would already have hers. But these are better, Jess, you need more light."

As the thought fills her mind, the outlining of her iris' flicker, as a stream of light begins emanating from either eye, one black, one with a 5500k lighting profile.

"Whoa, what in the fuuuck??"

"Cool, Right? Just don't think "Light" when you're being sneaky."

"The Black Light is for detecting traces, it can also detect toxins in the air, as well as in fluids. Tell me, Whats in this cup?"

Jak produces a small cup of dark liquid. As Jessica looks it over a number of stats appear in her peripheral vision. Coffee, Sucrose, Milk, Temperature - 19.44 Degrees Celsius.

"That's old coffee, sugar and milk."

"Looks like everything's working as it should. Good Job Jak."

"Was there ever a doubt?"

The lights flicker back on, Jess's eyes instantly adjust to the new lighting and the lighting from her iris' fade. She jumps down from the table, she does feel a bit heavier, but looking herself over she can't seem to find anything different. Her legs feel stronger, she can feel the tissue pushing as she steps forward, grabbing her jacket off the chair.

"It feels so weird, I really need to be careful, Haha."

"At first you may feel a little dizzy as the Boosters take effect, it should only last a couple of days. After that you'll be used to your body will be used to the modification. Usually we try and only do so much in a single sitting, but like I said, you were quite accommodating. An absolute pleasure to work with, if you need something else done, I can make modifications at your leisure."

"I take back what I said, maybe you are everything the Family says you are."


"Not as Dangerous as me."

Osaka, Japan, December 17th, 2021. 15:32

In the month leading up to AWS's Final show of 2021, there has been much debate amongst wrestling fans in greater Japan. Conspiracies and speculation, the Family had done all they could to fix what had gone on that night in Tokyo. Setting up alibis, witnesses, falsifying documents, and working with their assets within the Japanese Police. But Akagi had also been hard at work through channels of their own. Began a smear campaign against Jessica, and now, against the AWS, branding them as outsiders, and a safe haven for murderers. In the eyes of some hardcore wrestling fans throughout Japan, Jessica had brought great shame upon them, and the sport they had come to enjoy so enthusiastically. Akagi's plan had worked to a degree, some viewed Jessica as a Killer, as a Terrorist, a woman angry over her own shortcomings. Which ultimately lead her to commit an act of Terror upon her employer and the fans in attendance. They held mass vigils in the aftermath of the Incident, painting Akagi Haruto as a prosperous and generous member of society, highlighting his work throughout the various low-income communities throughout Tokyo. Even going as far as Opening a Wrestling School in his name, it served its purpose. The Instructors were under the thumb of the Clan, spreading their misinformation about sowing distrust in the Police Department, which held Jessica's innocence.

As posters for the upcoming event began being placed at the Osaka-Jo Hall, cases of vandalism began to rise. Some posters ripped down, or sprayed over. "MURDERER" - "TERRORIST" - "BURN HER!" - had been sprayed over posters with Jessica's likeness. Pictures of lost loved-ones tied to the gates and fencing surrounding the arena. Some protestors had even gone as far as dying the waters of the Funsui-Hiroba, a Decorative Fountain near the Arena, Red, to represent the blood of those lost in the fire. Such was the case across the country, with the changing schedule of the AWS, crews had been approached and questioned, some even with bottles and bricks in different parts of the country. Tokyo was the hardest, with crews working in the area actually coming under attack at times. Buses found vandalized, and equipment found damaged at several locations the AWS was scheduled to have been set up. Some Crewmembers had been pushed as far as asking for a ticket back Stateside, but the show must go on. Hotels weren't spared either, in Osaka protestors wait outside for any member of AWS to step out, performer or Crew member alike are targeted by the vitriol of the crowds. Counter Protesters come out in force as well, even in the time of covid the streets outside the Osaka-Jo Hall, as well as the nearby Hotels have at times become packed with protestors on either side. It all comes to a head with Jessica's arrival on the 17th. Police were lined up on both sides, setting up barricades as the two factions chanted adulation or hatred.

As Jessica stepped through, the police struggled to hold the crowd at bay, all around her, the smiling faces of the dead. Families Wave pictures, and posters as they spit and scream. It didn't matter if she was innocent, she felt the guilt that came with what happened that night, as flashes of the things she saw play over and over in her head. She remembered seeing that door, shaking as fans tried to push through it. Her fingers tap anxiously on the countertop as the woman behind the counter hands her the room keys. As the two finally make it into an elevator the soft sounds of music begin playing, Hannah can feel the heaviness.

"You Alright?"

"I'm Fine..."

Jess was never a good liar, at least not when Hannah was concerned. But she nodded her head slightly, deciding not to push it. The two found their way down the hallway to their rooms, as with the new protocols in place the hotel was only renting single rooms to single guests. Jessica gave Hannah her room key.

"I'm gonna get something to eat from the bar when I get my stuff down, you want to come?"

"Not Very Hungry..."

"...alright, well, I'll be around if you need anything."

"Thanks, Hannah."

Jess gives her a wan-smile before shutting the door. She set her bags down near the foot of the bed, stepping to the window she can see it all. The signs, the fighting, the screaming crowd, all cast in an eerie silence through the glass. It all seemed to pass in slow motion, as the memories of her time spent here came rushing back. Now all seem so insignificant, like they all might as well have never happened at all. The Family had done their best to hide what had happened that night, but yet here she was. Looking down at the chaos of Akagi's making, they had destroyed her, had destroyed her memories...

and with them...

The Feeling of Home.

The city below the window still flows through slow motion. Waving signs, police barricades, and flying bricks. The swirling masses string outwards from the doorways of the darkened hotel, seemingly endlessly against the backdrop of Bright Lights and Neon Outlines. The glass begins to shake in the small hotel room as Jessica steps to the window again. As the rain drizzles downwards, it distorts and blurs the scene below. Jessica finds herself once again torn by her own inner duality. Once, she had loved being able to bring the worst out of people, making people hate her was just a part of her job. She found it strange, knowing that this was different, that this hate was real. Still...

She turned to the camera with a smile.

"As the months pass, often I find myself pondering what might become of this game. What the future holds for people like me. It's only on nights like tonight that I remember what one person is truly capable of. How the actions of a single individual can shape the lives of thousands. It used to be so simple, say a few words, kick a few asses; in some ways it still is. But as more time passes, the more I realize that these people don't want a script, they don't want happy endings. They want opportunities to be who they really are, to step outside of their meaningless existence, and do something that they think will make the world a better place. They want to see that in the people they idolize, and the people they despise. Not too long ago I would have called this place home, and these people... My Family. But tonight the world I look down on has changed, this isn't a game, and to these people the world that we exist in has spilled into the streets, and now threatens to jump right through our windows. I wish I could say I was sorry, to the men and women of the AWS, but I'm not. I did what I knew had to be done, and whatever these truth these people choose to believe is their choice, and theirs alone. I can't take back the things that happened here, nor do I want to try. It's was all so simple...

As the New Year approaches, The Asylum has brought me back to Japan. Back to the place where all this started, and now I can get a long look at just what the events of that evening meant, and what is truly on the line. For the last month and a half I've been strewn along, match after match postponed, or put on hold, people have stepped on my toes, and tried to take that which I am trying so hard to build. I have been awarded gold, just to have it stripped away. And now... This.

The sound of the screaming crowd below slowly fades in and out. The quivering drops of water streaming down the windows.

Some might say, its just what I deserve. To watch as everywhere I go, ends up burned to the ground. The AWS is no different, as we've made our way from one side of this country to the other, we've found ourselves under attack from people who have bought into lies, convenient and grand stories, told by ignorant sociopaths. But like I said, that's what people want, because its easy. I wish that I could stand here and convince those people of my innocence, but I don't want to; because they don't deserve it. The same people who were once so quick to stand beside me, now find themselves unable to say my name. In this country, Honor is quite a monster, and tradition drives more of everyday life than people in America can begin to understand. The only thing that makes them similar, is the actions that people take. You see violence on the streets everyday in the United States, but here it really takes an act of evil to shake the people; and it would appear, that's exactly what I've done. Its beyond my control, something I can never take back, so I guess the only question I have now is for the Asylum itself. Now that you see it, you see the consequences I've brought upon myself, and by Proxy, You. Can you say you stand with me? Can you say that you're still happy to have me around? Never thought I'd have to ask these questions, but the game has changed, at least when it comes to me.

The decision would be easy if it was just on my skills in the ring, if it was on my skills on a microphone. If it was on my ability to draw the people into those seats, and put merch on their backs. Now its about something else entirely, its not everyday a company signs over their stock into the hands of a real life heel. But believe me when I say that this... this is not what I intended. Those of you who thought you knew who I was in America, now can understand why I left this place. Why I was so hesitant to jump on that plane at all, a weaker person would never have been able to come home, if that is what this place even is anymore. No, I don't think it is. This place is now just as foreign to me as New York City, as Los Angeles, California. Someone said I might as well have been sent to Tatooine, and looking down at these people I kind of wish that were true. There is a part of me that thinks that I needed to see this, to see the full and complete consequences to the choices I made that night. The choices that have played over and over in my head every single night. I thought I could run from it, run from this. But no matter what I did, or how far I ran, I could never outrun myself. If I had stayed in the State's, blown off Charlie and his Year End Closer, what would have been accomplished? I'd still be there right now, seeing those same faces in the empty space above my pillow. No, I did the right thing coming back here, I needed to see this, needed to understand that the choice wasn't just mine. Now its everyone's...

Its funny, I have to somehow bring all this in, make all this somehow relevant to what I'm walking into, a match that seems so gimmicky, so insignificant against the backdrop of what will go on inside that arena. It's been a while since I've been this apprehensive, it feel's like my first match all over again. The uncertainty of what those people are going to do when I step through those curtains. Will there even be a match to be had at all? Or will these people tear it all down? You might wonder how someone in my position can hold it together, can walk into a gimmick like this one, "Santa's Sleigh", it strains credulity. How can two people put on a show, as the world around them burns to the ground? Well, if you knew me, you'd know that's when I do my best work. It's hard for someone to operate on this level when the chips are down, some people can't do it at all. What do you do when you know that the entire world is going to be against you? You do the only thing you can, Fight. Because I can take it, I didn't join this business to be a hero of the people, I didn't start to see my name in lights, or plastered across Tee-Shirts. I joined because it's what I loved to do, what I was made to do. So I'll do it, even if it means that I'll be the only thing in the world left standing. Even if it means I have to burn it all down myself...

Veronica Rodriguez and Jessica Tremor, a match that would have brought the fans out no matter what the backdrop might have been. But now the stakes are even higher, not just because of what one of us stands to gain, but because you now carry the hopes of every single one of these people on your back. They don't want to see you beat me, they want to see you Destroy Me, Destroy Who I Am, And what I stand for. You stand to carry the weight of what I've done, the pain that these people have felt over these many months. The Greif and despair that has been felt throughout this country now hinges on a single person's ability to do what so many others have failed to do. Are you that person Veronica? Can you say that you can carry that much weight? Or will you fold? The Goddess Championship by itself is enough to weigh on anyone's mind. But when you hear that crowd, like I hear them now, you'll understand just what the two of us represent in this country. I made a choice, Veronica, a choice that has now permeated the walls of the AWS. Maybe you can understand what its like, to watch people get handed things that others work their entire lives to accomplish. Watch people sweat, and bleed, and sacrifice for things that are spoon-fed to the Elite. I was done, over it, and I went out that night to put an end to what I saw as the real danger to our business...

There are people in this world that don't respect what it is we do, that think its all just make-believe. That use that mentality to take advantage in our world, use their power and their money to make their way. It's such an easy reality to live in, don't you think? When you can use your clout, and your cash to buy your way to the top. It makes you just another reason I wonder what might become of our little game. Who are you, Veronica? Can you say that throughout your many accomplishments you haven't used a bit of your namesake to buy your way to the top? From where I'm standing, that's just what it is. Some of us, had to go through a Gauntlet, a literal "Prove Yourself" Match. But you, you walk right into the last show of the year in a match for the Goddess Championship. A Match that you don't deserve, a match you didn't fucking earn. Who you are, and who you've been, don't fucking matter to someone like me, because in my eyes, I've seen it all before. It's what got us to where we are right now, led to the choices that light up that street. These people don't want to see it happen again, but that's just what I plan to do. I am going to make an example out of a person who everyone in this company knows doesn't deserve what she's been given. For every single one of us, who have had to fight, and bleed for the right to challenge. For the little slice of the pie we've been given. It's not yours to take, not from me, not from anyone else. It shouldn't be you standing across that ring, but here you are? Are you thankful? You goddamn well should be.

Pathetic, is the word that comes to mind, pathetic booking by pathetic people. Putting so much on the shoulders of a person who has yet to make any kind of an impact here at all. I said that you carry this country on your back, but you're not the one who will put them in those seats. The people in that arena, will be there for one reason and one reason only, to see me. Because through all of this, one thing has been made absolutely clear, the people have loved Every Second of It. Some people would find that chaos is a person's true state, that we are nothing but emotionally driven animals. And from here, I can see that clearer than ever. A Sea of Hatred and Adulation, and only one can come out on top, Only one can be crowned Queen. When you step into that ring, understand that you don't come to face another Competitor, you come to face what these people see as a Murderer. Should I bring their Fantasy into Reality? Should I prove that I truly am everything they've been made to believe? Or would that just be too easy? What story would you choose to tell Veronica, if you had to walk down that aisle in My Shoes? Redemption, or Destruction? Haha... I guess if you were me... You'd already know...

I'm the Mass Casualty Event...

And the Choice is an Illusion...


- vs -