:: - Oh God, The Aftermath - ::

There is a certain level of nervousness that lurks in the back of someone's mind when they're walking into a new place, a new job, a new position. As much as Jessica tried to hide it, she couldn't help but feel a little intimidated, walking into Supreme Championship Wrestling. As she and her friend, Hannah, made their way through the backstage area is was like being back home again, the hustle and bustle of a live event was truly something to behold, from hairdressers, seamstresses, make-up artists, technicians, caterers, camera and audio crews, and the various superstars and their guests. Jess and Hannah were almost un-noticed by most of the cast and crew, other than the director who gave them their dressing room assignment.

The two were put at the far end of the hallway, in a room that was kind of akin to a dressing room at a strip club. Hannah's nose scrunched up as the sweet smell of a certain perfume forced its way into her nostrils.

"Oh my god, nice place..." there was a layer of disdain in her voice.

They were sharing a room with another CJ, but it didn't look like anyone had been inside the room yet. Jess made her way into the bathroom to change as Hannah rolled a small monitor over, taking a seat on the long bench in the middle of the room. The cable for the Feed was lying on the floor near the door, the staff couldn't even be bothered to plug it in. She had it up and running within a couple of minutes.

Before Long, Jessica emerged from small shower, dressed in her gear.

"Look at her Go! Woo~!" she jokingly cheered in a sing-songy voice. Jessica shook her head with a laugh.

"Will You Fuck Yourself!?"

The two killed time throughout the show, in some of the promotions Jessica had worked for in the past, the management would hire private contractors for most of the hands-on positions, so things like Seamstresses and Make-Up artists would charge their own premiums for their work. So it was relieving for Jessica to find that the Staff at SCW would upgrade and mend her gear. They looked her over and worked with what they had, replacing some of the worn material, patching and stitching certain edges, Jessica was actually very impressed.

Before long,dodgeball it was time, Hannah met her at the door to the locker room.

"Wow, they really turned you up." She said with a chuckle.

"Thanks, you gonna hang back here?"

"Yeah, looks crowded..." she replied, looking towards the rampway towards gorilla, there was already a cluster of people crowded up at the bottom of the stairs.

Jessica cringed.

"Alright, well I'll see ya in a minute."

the two dap up before Jess makes her way towards the rampway.

The film crew and stars for a promo have been making their way down, as Diamond and her group of bandmates are gathering at the top, causing a jam. Not a single mask in sight, Jessica pokes her head around as the group of rockers stare condescendingly. Jessica fights off the urge to laugh in their faces and just steps back down the stairs. Diamond's Music begins blasting over the loudspeakers as she rounds the corner, Hannah is there, eating from a bag of baked Lays.

"Jesus..." she notices the jam finally breaking up as the film crew makes their way down the stairs.

"Yeah, there's like 40 People up there, I think they're all about to walk out too."

"What, she bringing a goon squad down there?"

"Ehh, I don't know if they're "Goons" Haha! But she's got some Simps following her around, don't know how they're gonna take me beating the brakes off her."

"Haha! What you mean, they're gonna Jump You?"

"They'd Better."

Hannah kills time, munching on her bag of Chips, watching the Monitor in the dressing room. She winces and grunts as Jess slams her Opponent into the mat. Jess started slow, but by the time it was over, Hannah was Shaking her head.

"Damn right they should Jump Her." She chuckles softly to herself.

Soon, the music plays and Jessica is declared the winner, Hannah gives a round of applause before crumpling up the empty bag and throwing it into the trash. Opening the door, she is greeted by a number of Diamond's Bandmates, leading her through the backstage area; Hannah smirks as the group passes. She turns to see Jessica making her way down the rampway, being congratulated by her fellow wrestlers.

"Okay, so now you're two for two!"

"Right!? Two matches, 4 People? That's crazy."

The two step back into their dressing room, Jessica notices that whoever she has been sharing a room with has yet to show up.

"Uh-Oh, is somebody no showing!?"

"Yeah ya know I have no idea, literally no one has walked in here since you left."

Jess makes her way towards the small shower, picking up her bag from the bench.

"Well whatever, lose One, Gain Two. That's quite the swing, and boy is the SCW Lucky."

"Haha, What the hell makes you say that?"

The two strike comically knowing glances at each other.

"My foots in the door, did you see that? Those kids were eating it up."

Hannah did see it, the reaction from the crowd was middling, many of them might not have been familiar with Jess, as it was her first real steps into the American circuit. As Jessica turned back to the mirror, Hannah noticed the large red marks across her back, and the bruising quickly forming on the side of her stomach.

"Looks like that ring is tearin' ya up."

Jess looks down at herself, just noticing the yellow marks on her side. She could feel the burning across her back, but after a couple bumps it always all just blended together.

"Oh Wow, yeah! It might be a little stiff, cuz I know Diamond wasn't Haha! She was out there trying to do the Diamond Cutter, like... what?"

the outburst of uproarious laughter can be heard into the hallway, getting the attention of a couple of passing officials.

"You didn't have to go out there and beat up that little girl in front of her bandmates! Haha!"

"What? Nobody beat up that girl. She's fine, I just wanted her little friends to know I was ready if they wanted to talk, ya know?"

"Yeah you hauled out a bunch of shit out there, then didn't even use it?"

"Dude the Ref! He was tryina--!"

"Alright Botchamania, get dressed, let's get the hell outta here."

Jessica rolled her eyes, shutting the door in Hannah's face, the sound of the water running began on the other side of the door.

"Well, what you in such a hurry for, what time you gotta be there?"

"Be Where?"

"Exactly, calm down.

"I just know you take forever.

Hannah is a handful sometimes, Jessica thinks to herself as she once again looks herself over in the mirror. The bruise on her side is already beginning to subside, as well as the marks across her back, before the night was over, it would be as if nothing had happened at all. Jessica took a small device, almost akin to a small tablet, plugging it into a port on her prosthetic. The screen displays diagnostic data, it appears that most of the damage in this instance is cosmetic, the device had the ability to place an order for repairs, a small logo appeared at the bottom of the screen, a Black Pyramid with red outlines, the letters JV appeared on the front of the logo. It Flashed and disappeared as Jessica placed the order.

The two spend the rest of the night with SCW, taking in the sights and sounds. It really was something, and it filled them both with a feeling that they'd completed something, that they were now apart of something. And it was good to feel like they could come all the way around the world, and find a place to fit right in.

"Lets Talk, Shall We? The last time we met, it was Newark, New Jersey. A Place that is no stranger to violence. It truly was a great place to be, but can I say I returned the favor? The feeling that the SCW Fans brought me? I showed them that even Diamonds can be broken. Now, for two months I've been running myself around the United States, going here and there and everywhere, from Company to Company, striking blows where I can. But after last week, I think I might have found a place to do business. And from what I saw, business is absolutely booming. Last week the SCW fans saw Jessica Tremor deliver on her promise, to keep the train moving, to the keep the hits coming, and to get to the top of this business, no matter what side of the world we find ourselves on."

"That's right! and now that we've come the SCW needs to take a good long look, because this is what the future looks like. Gone are the days of overgrown, roid-raging, bodybuilders, this is our time! Jessica started the campaign here in the SCW, a campaign of violence the likes of which some of you might not be familiar with. We come from the land of Deathmatches, where Barbed Wire, and Plate glass feel right at home inside that ring. Something that this side of the world has been missing, for too long... And the two of us, are here to bring it back."

"Two weeks ago, was just the beginning. Because like she said, The Gettin' Over Train Continues! Last week, I know they missed me, but I was making some preparations for things to come. And scoping out candidates for the fight ahead, Hannah told you we were on a mission, a campaign to bring the best out of the Superstars of the SCW, by any means necessary. There are some of those backstage that have plenty of potential, who I could see doing business with. I'm always on the lookout for a good fight, and the possibility to bring the audience something they've never seen before. The SCW has all the opportunity in the world for those of us who are willing to really put on a show, it's just a matter of finding the talent who can keep up. Two weeks ago we found out that this business isn't just something you can do in the background, it's something you have to dedicate yourself to, and I showed you why."

"Diamond Steel, must be nice, to know that if you take too many L's in this business you can just fall back into another one. How is that going by the way? Last thursday was a disgrace, a mess, you brought your entire crew down to the ring in an attempt to what? Intimidate her? Just to get your ass tossed out all over them? Must've been great bud, 10 outta 10. That guy was all slapping the ring, like what's that gonna do? Come on you guys, if you're all gonna walk out there at least grab a ref or something. It was insulting and to be quite honest, It was just a sorry attempt at a match, and if it was me, I think I would have made an example outta ya! I'd have dragged all your little friends in the ring, and buried'em right beside ya!"

"So I guess you were lucky only I decided to walk out there. But I knew the moment I saw the bunch of you that I had nothing to worry about. Don't ask me what it was, but I knew that there was no chance that any of you were going to get into that ring. But, if you did, you saw I came prepared for just about any situation, I always do. But, I can say that if ever feel like coming back I'll be right here waiting for you, but I think maybe it's time to roll onto your other talents, because from what you gave me a couple weeks ago, your head's not in this anymore. There are people coming up in this business who are dedicated and focused, while you're at band practice we're running those ropes, taking those bumps, making ourselves better in that ring. You never stood a chance."

But the SCW is in no short supply of challengers, Adam Sharper said something about the Adrenaline Championship? And no, I don't think he was talking about Diamond. It's a good feeling to know that at least someone in this company has at least a bit of faith in what I bring to the table. This Thursday will be no different, we already have plans and are very much looking forward to what's ahead, many of you may already know who I'm due to face this week, Derek Adonis. Someone I find to be a very sad story...

You See Derek seems to have gone through some kind of a metamorphosis. A Man who has indeed fallen somewhat from the greatness he once had in this company. All for what? You let this business change you, and here you are, being jobbed out to the newcomers. Its sad, to see a man broken down, for something that they always promise is just out of reach. You Sold out, they always do. They took everything from you, and now they've sent me to help you out the door. This business is done with you, and they're all laughing, they took a proud man and broke him down, until he was worth nothing more than a 30 second spot on some obscure Religious Television Show. Who do you think watches that? Who? Are SCW Fans the type to tune in to the 700 Club? You think they'd tune in just to see you? What do you expect them to think? That you're somehow a better man? That you're a guiding light? A Good Example for anyone? Let me tell you, you're not.

People look at you and they see disgrace, they see a man setting aside who he really is for what? For a company that is sending him out the door. At least have the good sense to see it. They sent you to me to make it clear, to put the last nails in your coffin. Like Diamond, there is apart of you that wants to make a break from this business, a part that thinks that this might be the last bit of sin you have to purge from your system. But I bet you'll call yourself a Reaper... Haha... a man who brings Wrath to the Sinners. You find an excuse to stay, to sin, but what choose Violence over Lust? Or Gluttony? You and I, I think... are more alike than you know. But I like a bit of character, blood stained hands clenching a leather bible, quite the frame indeed. If that's all this is for, I can understand, but maybe there's more to it, maybe you think you really had to change your entire life, on the say so of the SCW... That's It...

The difference between the two of us, I know who I am both in, and outside of that ring. I know how terrifying and violent I can become, and how high the stakes can be. You were once at the top of your game, so you know the motions, but you've never met someone like me before. Like a Carpenter, I spent time mastering my craft, and have assembled many tools to help me. So when that music comes on and those fans throw their goddamn hands in the air I'm ready for the show. Because inside that ring you can become anything you want, you can set a piece of yourself aside just for these people to see, become a person that isn't you, and that's where the two of us are different. You cannot separate who you are in front of this camera... in front of these people... from the person you are in your waking life. So you've been reduced to nothing more than a brand... and I feel sorry for you.

"Yeahhh... I don't. You see Derek, unlike you, we know what puts asses in those seats, and money in the big man's pocket. So this week, you're going to know what its really like to face Wrath. To have all your sins punished. After this week you can truly call yourself a free man, who has paid the price for everything he's done. You can stop thumping your bible, you can stop paying for airtime on a dying network. Is The Religious Chud Gimmick really going Over in 2021? No, Its Not, So You can stop holding yourself hostage to what you think is expect of you, and you can start putting people back in those seats. Or... Jess and I can help you out the door. What is it going to be Derek? I mean, Jess and I already know, but just for the fans, we want to know what you really think is going to happen this Thursday?"

"Hannah, what are you talking about? We already know whats going to happen this Thursday. You said it yourself, Derek is going to face something he's never faced before, something that will truly rid him of the sins his new found faith has convinced him he's committed and in his twisted little reality I'll be glad to play the part of my choosing...

Wrath... I like that.


- vs -