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The road sometimes seems to stretch on endlessly. This is the time Jessica loves, the times when it's just you and the open road. It was some of the reason she envied the superstars that would come through from the United States, the ones that were in between contracts, or that would come for tournaments and other exhibitions. They would tell stories about the road, about ribs and adventures had, it had always captivated Jess as she had never been old enough to experience the American Circuit. The Tokyo based Promotion she was apart of never really took adventures out of their territory too often, even with Cross Promotional Events, they were often held at the Tokyo Dome. So to be out in the open air, driving through what seemed like endless countryside, Jessica felt almost peaceful.

The white lines of the highway the only contrast against the dark pavement. Above, the moon peeks through the clouds casting just enough light to see the outline of the black truck pulling into the small motel. The lights of Denver, Colorado casting an outline over the hills to the south. Hannah has fallen asleep in the passenger's seat, has been there through most of Idaho. Jessica taps her on the shoulder, she wakes slowly, with a long stretch and a yawn. She sits forward as the vehicle comes to a stop just outside the front door. If this was the "Bed" Hannah was talking about, Jessica found herself less than impressed. It was a bed, but not much else, a small double story hotel just outside of Fort Collins. The roofs rickety shingles slapped in the wind and an old Open sign dangled precariously in front of the bay window. Rows of Red doors and off-white railings, The place had obviously seen better days.

"Where Are We?"

"This is the bed you were talking about..." Jessica sneered.

Hannah chuckled to herself, the sarcastic, passive aggressive tone in Jess' voice was always welcome to Hannah's ears. The night was a bit chilly, it was almost fall, and it was starting to feel like it. Leaves blew across the parking lot as Hannah stepped out of the truck; tucking her hands into her jacket. The small lobby smelled like orange cleaner and air freshener, the type of manufactured clean that only comes with Covid-Era rest stops like this. The room was empty, the desk abandoned as Hannah stepped up to it. For a moment she waited, listening for anyone before reaching her hand out for the bell on the counter. Ringing it three times, letting the sound echo through the empty room.
A small door opens, the smell of tobacco rolls from the room behind the counter. An older woman emerges from the room. A Black T-Shirt, covered with a faded red flannel shirt, her long brown hair tied in a ponytail out the back of her black trucker hat. The nameplate on the shirt read "Cleo". She quickly closes the door behind her and steps to the counter, taking the bell behind the counter with a grin.

"Name of Reservation?"

"Warr. W-A-R-R."

The woman types the name into the computer behind the desk, little more than a single laptop. She finds the reservation as Hannah produces a small black card, yellow and gold lettering down its length, alongside what look like racing lines. The woman takes the card and scans it into a small attachment on her phone. After a couple of moments the computer confirms the reservation, printing a receipt for two attached rooms, second story. Hannah receives a receipt and two keycards.

Back in the truck, Jessica is scrolling through her phone, she shakes her head as Hannah comes back out of the lobby. The light of the phone flickering off as the door is pulled open.

"Okay, so what's the deal?"

"I Got the rooms, pull over there, to the end where the stairs are."

The girls found their way to their rooms easy enough. Jessica locked up the truck and left most of their gear, only taking a small backpack, a roadbag, at the suggestion of Hannah. Inside was a shower kit, a set of clean sheets, a bit of detergent, pillow cases and finally, something to sleep in. She carried the small bag to the room, which were surprisingly well outfitted from what Jess expected. The doors opened with a card, and slid to the side, rather than pushed open. Inside, the was actually quite clean, everything seemed to have an order. If one good thing came of the last couple of years, it was clean hotel rooms. Jessica changed the sheets on the bed and got settled in. The door between the girl's rooms breezing open for the first time. Hannah peeks her head in at first, checking to make sure her friend was "Decent" not that it would have mattered anyway.

"What are you doin, you ain't sneaky."

"So you ready for this weekend or what?"

Was Jessica ever Not? It was her first Pay Per View with a new organization, so there was a bit of nervousness. It was a first for her, she had wrestled professionally for a couple of years, but nothing that was televised so broadly on the scale that Apocalypse would be. It was definitely a feeling that would leave some people sick. Jessica felt it a little bit, the little butterflies of anticipation swirling in the pit of her stomach. It was a great opportunity for her, and she was ready to make the most of it. Although there was a single caveat.

"Of course, just hope that these guys actually show up, the last couple of weeks have been rough."

"You got that right, first some absent minded musician, and then some washed up preacher. I mean if it's any consolation it seems like that Kimberly chick takes it seriously."

Jessica's eyes perked up, remembering the Toy Box.

"Yeah, it should be fun, I just meant I hope these guys are actually gonna ya know, be there to hold up their end of the corner."

"So what if they don't? You can go out there and have a great match with some of the best the SCW has had for quite some time, if nothing else it'll get you over with the fans, and noticed by the talent, come on Jess."

Hannah had a point, and Jessica nodded her head in agreement. Hannah flopped down on the bed beside Jess and grabbed the remote from the table. Flipping through the channels before landing on some sports recap station.

"Maybe, but I guess we'll see, you got two rooms, you gonna use yours?"

"You ended up with the Nicer TV, you goin' to sleep or what?"

Jessica had thought about it, the drive was almost 23 hours, and Jess had driven for more than half of it. Hannah had been in the American Circuit before, so she was used to the schedule the road made you keep. Jessica on the other hand was just breaking herself in, she had found herself yawning even before the two had pulled into the parking lot. She tucked herself into bed and sat awake with Hannah. The two flipped through channels, from Sports to Harry Potter, which for some reason is always on Cable. Jess managed to make it for almost an hour before finally, she drifted off to sleep.


Jessica jerks awake, the emergency lighting has come on, casting a warm glow down across the bed. The rest of the lights are dark, the television lies empty. It takes her a moment to get the sleepy sand out of her eyes, until the world is finally in focus. She looks around the room, a bit confused at first as another set of knocks hit the door.


"Alright! I'm Coming!" she called out, a bit peeved that whoever was at the door was being so persistent. She slid on her pants and a shirt, grabbing her jacket as she stepped across the room.

The door slid open, the lights of the walkway were darkened, through the remaining blur in her eyes, and the low light, Jess could make out the figure of a woman, the woman from the front desk, "Cleo" was standing at the door. A light quickly came on, almost blinding Jessica as it hit her. She took a step back as Cleo shined the light around the room for a moment.

"You two okay? Normally I wouldn't knock like this, but some things have come up missing from the office, and I was wondering if the two of you had anything go missing with your things as well?"

"Oh? I'm sorry, Uhh... Let me check."

Jessica grabs the keys off the counter, as she gets back to the door Hannah steps back up the stairs, having heard the pounding on the door. Jessica breathes an exasperated sigh.

"Where were you?"

"I was downstairs, the power went out I figured I'd see if the truck would charge my phone."

"Well this woman says some stuff went missing or some-such, you didn't see anybody like, lurking around did you?"

Hannah looks a bit confused. Catching the woman looking her over, the little side-eyes at her tattoos, the woman was trying to hide it, but Hannah caught it.

"You guys are kidding right?"

"No Ma'am, some keys are missing, I just wanted to make sure everyone else was secure before I call the law."

Hannah rolled her eyes, a bit miffed by the overdramatic woman now making her way back towards the office.

"Ya know she probably thinks we stole somethin'."

"Yeah, You're probably right."

"She say what's up with the power?"

"She did not."

The woman had stopped outside the door to the lobby, taking time to smoke a cigarette before going inside.

"She probably just got spooked in there, aren't really too many other people around."

For the first time the two had noticed that they were indeed alone in the parking lot. The empty lights overhead seemingly ominous against the rolling hills in the background. It was quiet out here, and the two took a moment to take it all in. From the grass gently waving as the night air blew the cool fall breeze up the hillside, to the moon sneaking ever so slightly through the clouds above. The lights of Denver visible against the clouds in the distance, and the knowledge that in just a couple of days, they'd be on one of the biggest stages in American Wrestling. Just for tonight, life didn't seem that bad.

Hannah's eyes dropped from the hills back into the lot, it was then she was suddenly reminded of the woman from the parking lot. As just for a moment, she caught What looked like a figure, a dark outline against the background. It was only there for a brief moment, but as she did her double-take, the outline seemed to vanish. It was that moment Hannah realized their mistake, she glanced to the lobby door. The space where the woman had been standing was empty, her cigarette still burning on the pavement. They should have been more careful, but they had become careless, let the brief moments of victory cloud their Judgement. The two were right, the SCW Was a gigantic company...

Broadcasting Weekly...

To a World Wide Audience.

"We need to Go."

"What, Why?"

Hannah grabbed Jess by the arm, looking her in the eye's, as serious as she'd been in a long time.

"Sam, We Need to Fucking Go!"

As if on cue the area is flooded with light, the girls break back into the room as the walls are peppered with bullets. The glass breaks and drywall flies as rounds skip around the room, exploding through walls and ripping through the light metal doors. The stone walls provide limited cover from the incoming fire, but its spotty to say the least. Suddenly, the coordinated attack comes to a head, the rear wall of the hotel room is breached, sending a cloud of smoke and debri flying into the room. For Jess, time seems to slow, she could see the clouds swirling behind the tiny bits of drywall and wood, her vision narrows, darkening at the edges, until it's on a single man, his face covered by a large gas mask, but through the shield she could make out Yakuza style tattoos. The last thing she knew...



The room was dark, for a few moments it was hard for Jess' to focus. She jerked forward on the bed, she was still fully clothed, shoes and everything. Looking down at her clothes it was obvious she had been in some kind of fight, burn marks on the edges of her Jacket, a couple of holes in her T-Shirt, dark stains trailing down her torso. Quickly, she lifted her shirt up, checking herself over. Other than a couple of scars, which were in the process of healing; there wasn't much to see. She recognized the room immediately, a rest-room at one of the Funded Family Facilities. They were large safehouses, used by members of a "Certain Community" of individuals. They were all the same, tall stone walls, no windows, only simulated environments. Jess shook her head, feeling a small fluttering in her hand, almost like a small twitch in the muscle. She looked down, the lower half of her arm was damaged, the knuckles twisted, flattened in some places. Her eyes bulged with shock, what the hell had happened?

She stood up from the bed, which was still tightly made underneath her, as if she had been placed there and left. Jessica took a couple of moments to collect herself, looking at herself in the small mirror in the corner of the room. Her face was still covered in dust, caked on in spots with another kind of stickiness. Reaching down for the soap, she fumbled with it for a moment before dropping the bottle on the floor. Her hand was damaged beyond use, it sputtered and hummed as she tried weakly to move it. Frustrated, she picked up the bottle with her other hand, and proceeded to do the best job she could. Getting most of the dirt off her face and arms she finally looked herself in the mirror again.

What had she done?

She made her way into the rest of the facility, the room adjacent was a living area. It was clear they were in the General Quarter of the structure. A Place that mainly housed outside contractors and nomads when they passed through, or took work with the Family. Facilities like this were spread out across the country, each of them ran and operated by one of the Funded Families. These Family Units kept to themselves, working throughout the Globe, alongside governments to house and supply "Assets" across the world. Jessica had been a Daughter at one time, an Operative Working Directly for the Funded Family. But now it looked like she was back at the bottom.

The Small apartments weren't much, just a one bedroom rack for people on the go. Hannah had been seated in the living area when Jessica made her exit from the bedroom.

"About damn time..."

"What happened?"

Hannah turned in her chair, her eye glowing a shiny blue as the laptop and television both turned on. A Large Floor to ceiling panel, seemingly suspended in the haze of the room. It searched through a number of news articles on screen, throwing each of them to its own section. "Shooting Outside of Denver." - "Gangland Style Shooting." - "Police Seeking Information." Until finally, a video, Hannah puts it front and center on the screen.

"We Go Now Live to Fort Collins, Colorado, where Authorities are on the scene of what appears to have been some kind of shootout between rival gangs in an absolutely incredible scene that played out last night police say between the hours of Midnight and Three A.M. Jeff Todd has more, Jeff."

"That's right Jim, and we are here on the scene of what Police are describing as a "Gangland" Style shoot out. We can see fire crews here now, putting out what used to be a Very Large Structure Fire. When we arrived, the ground is absolutely littered with casings, you can see the yellow markers spread out across the pavement here behind me. Jim, this was an absolutely incredible scene to watch play out as Witnesses can testify."

The scene on the screen looks like a bomb went off, half of the small hotel is burned out. The windows traced with black, the roof collapsing at the end, the rooms completely flattened. Ambulances and Fire trucks line the parking lot of what was once a peaceful little hotel. A Black bag is wheeled to the rear of one of the ambulances, and its this images that puts a lump in Jessica's throat.

"Hannah... We didn't--"

"No Sam, we didn't... but somebody damn sure did."


"Yeah... there was no reason we should have made it out of there. I don't know what happened, it was like a blur through the smoke. Whoever, or whatever it was, turned those guys inside out. I've never seen anything like it."

Jessica puzzled for a moment, the Family was known to Contract some "Talented" individuals in dire situations.

"You think it could have been the Family looking out?"

"No, nomads will run various speed hacks and metaboosters, but nothing like that, tech like that might not even exist."

"Are you sure it was a person running tech?"

"Either that or the Family is running some sort of Bot Program, because a person wouldn't be able to run tech like that."

Puzzling indeed, Jessica shook her head, she had no answers. In situations like this she liked to look to Hannah, as Hannah had seen more of the globe, been around more of the various tech from the different regions. The two continued to flip through the news articles, looking for any and all information they could find. A common theme across all reports was that the Police found the cameras from the area scrubbed. A common tactic from the Yakuza, cover their tracks no matter the outcome. But that was just one of the thoughts dancing around inside Jessica's head, there was an entire life to build here in the States, one that would have to be put on hold now. As sad as it was, things were just getting started, she was on track in the SCW. Regrettable as it might have been, the thought passed in Jessica's head to pack it in.

"So... what do you want to do?"

There were a few tense moments between the girls, as Hannah really considered what the best course of action should be.

"As far as the SCW is concerned, I think we might have to pack it up for a while, Until we figure out what's going on here. If I'm out there, I'm a target, and every arena is nothing but a gigantic Trap."

Hannah sat with her thoughts for another couple of moments. But slowly, a mischievous grin grew upon her face.

"You know, I think that's exactly why you should go back out there. Those type of people aren't going to do anything on a public stage like that, so you know what we're gonna do? We're gonna show up with Big Smiles. And we're going to work."

Jessica nodded, a smile growing on her face as well.

"Can't let them see you sweat, right?"

"Exactly, we need to get you to the Mechanic, get you fixed up."

With that, Hannah was up, heading for the door.

"Its weird, I can't remember any of it."

Hannah paused a moment, hesitating.

"Probably for the best... Come On, Lets Go."

High heels echo on the tiles of the long hallway. White walls, and speckled floors, gray doors leading down what seems like an endless extending corridor. The woman in the center of the frame is Petite, her build covered by a fitted Pantsuit. The only identifying factor is her reddish/orange Hair, her pale skin contrasted by the thick framed glasses on her face. Her tats creeping out from the collar of her dress shirt. She absolutely casts the aura of the No-Nonsense Girlboss as she steps down the hallway. The phone in her pocket begins to buzz, the standard Apple Ringtone playing softly in her pocket. Looking at the phone the Call I.D. Reads, "1". As if annoyed she rolls her eyes and picks up.


"You're very Proud of Yourself Aren't You..." Number one speaks from the driver's seat of his car, what looks like a Matte Black Bugatti Chiron. He is looking down at the smoke rising from the small hotel, the flames casting a plume of orange against the rolling clouds above. Cars have been parked up and down the sides of the road.

"What ever do you mean?" The woman says with a slight chuckle, audible through the phone.

"Yeah it's real funny, you know these Yakuza guys are serious as fuck."

"Hey, Street Thugs have come a long way since you and I were running the streets, shit even we had some alright gadgets in those days. Don't tell me you called to stress some Yakuza Guys.

"If it was just that I wouldn't be, but these guys came for war. Better gear than some of the locals even have, why would the Yakuza be on this level of a response, all the way on the other side of the world?"

The Woman rolls her eyes. Making her way into her office, a large room with a bank of computers on one side, she puts on a headset and sits down at the desk.

"Why Do People Do Anything, Number 1?"

"You're being dismissive... I'm saying there's no reason for it, not for someone who didn't Throw a Match. Who is she, Zoey?"

"Well Nick, lemme tell ya, it appears our little friend Samira is in the hotseat for~..."

It takes a couple of moments for her to find the relevant information.


"What "Oh"?"

"It would appear that because of Samira, The Akagi clan is in search of a new Successor."

Number 1's eyes Widen.


"Yeah, Hope you didn't ruin those guys TOO Bad."

Number One taps his phone on the console for a moment, the smoke still rolling into the sky, lights and sirens begin to crest the hillside. It was a matter of Bloodline for the Akagis, making the choices narrower, bringing her in would mean robbing them of their revenge. Number 1 knew the deep ties the organization had within Tokyo, with the Akagis. Knew what bringing Samira in would mean for both of their factions. But there was one more thing that was weighing on Number 1's Mind, the real reason they were having this conversation.

"The Yakuza is one thing, but I didn't really call for that...


The Target is one of "The Sisters"."

"Just a couple of hours left, until this place is filled with screaming fans, the lights and sounds of Supreme Championship Wrestling. Crews will work through the night, while Champions sleep, tucked away in their cozy hotel rooms. While some of us, are just lucky to be here. The road for anyone in my position isn't easy, and situations we find ourselves in can often be somewhat dangerous. For many stepping into Denver on Sunday, the stakes are as high as they've ever been. I like to look at it as another opportunity, another opportunity for fun. The Opportunity to Impress, the Opportunity to Shine, The Opportunity to show these people something different. You see, I'm on something of a streak here in the United States, in my short time here I've ripped through anyone who has stood in front of me, do you really think that I'm ready to stop?"

Going into Apocalypse, a person can feel a number of different emotions, for me the layers go a bit deeper I think. A Match like mine can set the tone for the rest of the night. Something I've been doing Night in and Night out for the passed month and a half. But this week is a bit different, there are Seven other people stepping down that ramp. Three of which I have to depend on as team-mates. But I'm beginning to wonder if they are people that I can truly depend on, and time is ticking away. It's almost as if no one else is taking it seriously. Or they are just so confident in themselves that they know they'll get over no matter what. Well, I've never just handed anything to anyone, and I don't intend to start in the SCW. It must be really something, to be so comfortable in your position with a company. To just sit the week out, and just wait to be put on display. But that's the endgame, why people join this business, isn't it?

For most of us, no it isn't. Not everyone is Kennedy Street, not everyone is made like that. But here she is, finding herself surrounded by a crowd of unfamiliar people, surrounded by Workers. For weeks she has been on a mission, a mission for a title known by the SCW as

Supreme Champion.

But what has she shown towards that effort? She is on a streak from Rise to Greatness, having only faced one real challenge since, Adam Allocco, and don't worry, we'll get to him later. Kennedy's experience with Adam speaks for itself, but if she thinks it's any indication of what she'll be getting into going into this match, she'll find herself mistaken. Someone in her shoes, whos been here as long as she has, won't make that mistake. Not if she intends on becoming something as prestigious as Supreme Champion. A title that I wouldn't mind having myself, but I guess we'll soon find out. You see Kennedy is going into a match this week that she might not be ready for. Having the last couple weeks to take it easy, I wonder how she's been keeping? In Supreme Champion Shape, no doubt...

All Jokes Aside.

I think that Kennedy would be smart to put a little more time into this week, come prepared for a real fight. Because last week was just a job, and everyone in the locker room knows it. It becomes obvious real quick the type of individual you are, the way you carry yourself, you think that this business owes You something. If that were true Kennedy, you wouldn't be here, would you? Finding yourself teaming with people like lich house, and Kimberly Williams. Are those people you would have chosen for yourself? If you said Yes, I might actually be surprised. But whatever sells tickets, am I right? You see there's so much on your plate this week, an entire team having to depend on a single person for their anchor. Must be quite the load to have to bare. Not that I can say that my team is doing any better. It's almost as if no one is really taking this match as seriously as Kim and I am. And it's really quite a shame, that the two people who seemingly got dragged into this match by no fault of their own, are the ones who are going to have to carry it. But that's fine, because it's what I came here to do, make the rest of you look ridiculous. In our game it's all about optics, and what does it look like for someone who claims to be on the road to Supreme Champion, to be put out to someone barely a month into the brand? You're being made into a joke Kennedy, and you're not even aware of it.

Kimberly Williams however has come out to play, the last time I was in front of you I posed a question, Kim; Who's side are you really on? Or rather, who do You Really have, On Your Side? You see because unlike you I can understand the type of people that are standing in that ring with us. Between the six of them, they have their own little personal history, a score to settle amongst themselves. Leaving you and I, almost all to ourselves. Something I find kind of poetic in a certain way, it has come to my attention that there used to be a place for us here in the SCW, a division of wrestlers that paved the way for some of the best matches this company has ever shown. You and I can start the revival of that division in front of the entire world. The other Six people in that ring with us, I feel like couldn't care less. And oh what a show it would be, the type of show that people love, god bless the underdog. You see, Kim, the two of us are in the best position we could possibly be in. People are going to see their idols in that ring, people who have become household names in this business. You and I will be there right alongside them, and it looks like we're going to be the main attraction.

Williams is a girl with energy, the type I like to see in someone. But I've always enjoyed the unpredictable, no matter what its always a surprise. Sunday night will be no different, Kim. You made your motives and intentions quite clear, it's just what I've been waiting for. Someone who is actually willing to go the distance, to put a bit of themselves on the table. It's what I've been missing here in America. The challenge is one of the reasons I stay in this business, and I can tell in your voice, that you've prepared for this chance for a long time. What will come of it? Can you and I kickstart the fanbase for what people think is a dead division? I think maybe we can, at least give these people a taste of what a real contest is like. In a company that seems to have been whitewashed by blonde hair and fake tans. This 8-Man tag can turn into something completely different on our say-so. How easy it would be to change the entire layout of this match, it could change the entire layout of someone's career. If only people were willing to put more of themselves on the line to make it happen.

It's not just Kimberly Williams I should be talking to though, although she does seem to be the only person actually willing to get some skin in the game. Lich House, now I'm talking directly to you. I want to be the first person to come out and say it...

Thank You.

Thank You For Needing this, Needing one more match to put the final nail in the coffin of The Golden Boys. For the last month the two of them have been racing across this nation, making enemies of Both lich house AND Kennedy Street. I'm not going to stand here and make excuses for the two of them, because to tell you the honest truth; I really don't care. The only issue is that the SCW has taken what could have been an easy match for you and Kennedy, and added two people who the six of you aren't ready for. An element that has been gone from this company for sometime, and something that is about to make a thunderous return. You see the Five of you, The Golden Boys, lich house, and Kennedy Street, made this grand stage possible. Filled the ring with possible victims, and in just a few short hours, the bell is going to ring and you'll be in for a fight that I don't think you're prepared for. Unfortunately for you I think the cards have been stacked in favor of The Golden Boys.

Not that they'll be taking control directly, no, their success will come by proxy. You see the only two people in this match that truly matter, have already spoken. Where it goes from here is completely in our hands, and let me tell you, my hands can get kind of dirty. lich house, what does your faith tell you about this week? What does your faith tell you about me? You had so many words for Adam, for Bison, but what do you have for me? I hate to say it, but I think you've put your trust in the wrong things. The here and now is what really matters, and here and now we're rolling into an opportunity, a chance for you to witness the beginning of something special. This match was carved out for you, and if you aren't going to make the best of it, than I guess I will.

To my Tag Partners, Adam Allocco, Bison Jones, and "G" Money, don't worry guys. I think I got this. It's quite clear this match means nothing to you, so why should it mean anything to me? Oh, that's right, because I came to work not to sit on my ass. The last couple weeks have been somewhat sad, and I'll be the first to say it. Now I have to work with you, and if you need me like I said, I'll be there. But after this match is said and done, we're not walking out of that ring together. The three of you are and will always be just a means to an end. Just like lich house, I'm thankful that the Golden Boys were able to get the SCW to put us all on such display. What does that mean for them? Doesn't look like much, so I'm here to take the wheel.

This week any number of things could happen, but one thing is for sure I don't plan on walking out of that ring without making a statement. And what better way to do that than against people like Kimberly Williams, Kennedy Street, and lich house, to leave a pile of bodies like that stacked high would be quite the sight to behold, wouldn't you say? So what do you think SCW? Should I give them a show? Should We Start this Journey into a new Division?

The Party Begins...

At The End...


- vs -